Executive Summary

Ipelegeng Community Centre (ICC) as an institution was established in 1984, to provide social and economic platform for the people of Soweto. The centre targets and delivers services to empower in and out of school youth in the surrounding areas such as Moroka, Jabavu, Mofolo and Dube.

From its inception the centre was motivated by the need to uplift and develop people who had no voice and were subjected to poverty and underdevelopment.
To date, the centre, through its youth programmes, has reached and impacted on more than 1500 youth and as a result has gained recognition both nationally and internationally.Batsha-Jeugd programme is one of the youth programmes that, ICC wants to continue to develop and improve as it responds directly to the needs of young people.


Become the most inspirational community centre that empowers youth.


To inspire and equip youth with relevant or sustainable skills and knowledge for personal growth in leadership, sports, arts and culture.


• To equip young people with life skills that will enable them to be self reliant
• To endow youth with artistic skills needed to access economic opportunities
• To inculcate a culture of professionalism and sportsmanship among learners through capacitating teachers and also giving priority to Sports Codes that are Gender Friendly.
• To afford matriculants who are not happy with their results an opportunity to improve.
• To use Sports and Arts to create employment opportunities that are sustainable
• To enhance the capacity of young people in making decision and resolving conflict.
• To help young people to create a positive image and high self esteem
• To work towards the creation of a healthy environment for all.

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Ipelegeng Community Centre is a Non Profit-making Organisation and was founded in 1984 by Bishop David Nkwe and the Anglican Church of South Africa